Marlupi Sijangga founded the Marlupi Dance Academy (MDA) in 1956 in Surabaya. In 1993, the MDA opened branches in Jakarta and began to take shape  under the directorship of her daughter, Fifi Sijangga. Since then, the MDA has grown to more than 40 studios, 50 teachers and more than 2500 students in Indonesia.


Under the direction of Fifi Sijangga since 1995, the Company has achieved  international and national reputations as one of the preeminent ballet companies in Indonesia.   We have also created a sophisticated, diverse international repertory that offers powerful entertainment for all audiences by commissioning new works by some of today’s most sought-after choreographers, giving rise to young talent, acquiring existing works by master choreographers, and introducing new interpretations of classic full-length productions.


The MDA is managed by professional teachers dedicated to educate dancers to become the best and transform passionate dance students into versatile, individualistic artists able to collaborate and evolve fluidly in a fast-changing society.  The MDA continues to strive for its founders' vision by deconstructing dance to allow dancers the ability to perfect their technique and form so it flows naturally and passionately from within. We cultivate the individual artist within you.


In more than fifty years of existence, the MDA has remained on the forefront of Indonesian dance education. The MDA is  one of the oldest ballet schools in Indonesia that offers a well-rounded dance curriculum that includes serious training in both classical ballet (technique, pointe, variations, adagio) and contemporary ballet (technique, improvisation, partnering), as well as modern, jazz, hip hop, choreography, dance history, and fitness.




The MDA is an accredited institutional member of Beijing Ballet School, China and Royal Academy of Dancing, London.