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Masterpiece International Ballet Competition 2018 - Winners

Masterpiece International Ballet Competition 2018 - Winners Marlupi Dance Academy

Here is the MDA's Achievements from Masterpiece International Ballet Competition 21-24 June 2018 in Singapore.


Congratulations to all finalists and winners. All of you did really a good job.

Junior A Winners :
- 2nd Place : Freya Zaviera Narendrasetya
- 2nd Place : Ameera Nindita Ayu Ramadhani
- 3rd Place : Sasha Angelica Haliman

Junior B Finalists :
- Raissa Septi Azmi
- Jeanne Darsono
- Tiffany Cecilia Haliman
- Mary Giovanni Hwan

Junior B Winners :
- 1st and Grand Champion : Alya Fathiyyah Zulfa

Junior B Group :
- 1st winner : The Clowns

Senior B Finalist :
- Brittney Ashley Sijangga

TGP Scholarship :
- Alya Fathiyyah Zulfa

Soki Ballet Scholarship :
- Freya Zaviera Narendrasetya

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