Marlupi Dance Academy
Happy 80th Birthday to Mrs. Marlupi Sijangga (Founder of Marlupi Dance Academy), March 27th 2017.
  • International Young Dancers Festival Miami 2017 - Jawa
  • International Young Dancers Festival Miami 2017 - Journey
  • International Young Dancers Festival Miami 2017 - Sipatmo
  • Marlupi Sijangga 80th Birthday Celebration
  • Marlupi Dance Academy Ballet Class
  • Marlupi Dance Academy Kelas Ballet
  • Marlupi Dance Academy Ballet Contemporary Jazz Competition Winner
  • Marlupi Dance Academy Ballet Modern Dance Performance
MDA - Ballet Competition 2017
Jakarta, 01-03-2017

Show your ballet moves and win the MDA Ballet Competition 2017! This spectacular competition will be held in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on Sunday, May 7th 2017. The Registration will be opened from  March 15th until April 8th, 2017. (only for MDA students)

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MDA Graduation Day 2017
Jakarta, 22-05-2017

The annual program by Marlupi Dance Academy, Graduation Day of 2017 will be held in Ballroom Hotel Pullman, Central Park, Jakarta on May 28th, 2017.

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MDA Summer Dance Camp 2017
Jakarta, 22-05-2017

Join the Summer Dance Camp by Marlupi Dance Academy. In this dance camp, you will have Strength & Flexibility class, Ballet class, and also Variation class. The space is limited! So, be hurry and contact us to get a place!

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